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Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011, 16:54

Apple patent app sheds light on wireless charging dreams, NFMR love affair

Apple threw quite the wireless party by introducing PC Free and iCloud at yesterday's WWDC keynote, but it seems that the engineers in Cupertino may have even more tricks up their sleeve. Judging by a recently filed patent application, the company's hoping to add charging to its list of cord-cutting services. Specifically, the patent describes building a NFMR (near-field magnetic resolution) power supply directly into your iMac so it can charge your iPhone, iPad, or even peripherals -- such as a keyboard or mouse, when equipped with a special antenna -- without the assistance of your ol' trusty charging cords or batteries. Sporting a somewhat mature iMac that's operating sans NFMR? Pop a special USB dongle in that bad boy and presto, you're good to go. The patent points out that the range is limited to one meter, though there may be ways to install repeaters in peripherals to extend that distance further. Of course, patents won't guarantee we'll be grabbing the scissors to cut our cords anytime soon, but at least we won't have to rely on these things for the rest of eternity.

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